How long do you plan to trade for...

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by pbw, Apr 15, 2006.

How long do you plan to trade for?

  1. I will always trade, even in old age

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  2. Until I make enough to retire on -- then I am out!

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  3. Not sure

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  4. When I reach a certain age -- then I am out!

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  1. pbw


    It's been said profits from trading are simply a loan from the market.

    All you need is a few bad trades to collapse your capital.

    Hence, when do you plan to stop trading.
  2. if/when i realize me edge is gone for good'n'can't adapt'n'find new ways to make money....very unlikely scenario for any1 but still a possibility.
  3. lwlee


    Gotta go with when I make enough to retire.

    But then seriously how many people survive long enough?
  4. 'Till the moneys gone. :D
  5. I plan on doing it forever.
  6. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...... yeah :)
  7. lescor


    If that's the case, then you are doing something wrong. Big swinging gamblers have high odds of going down in flames, but all the serious professionals I know take 1000's of small bites with minimal risk and pull back big time when things aren't working.

    I'm only 35 but can see the 'retirement goal' I had set for myself being achieved within a couple years. But as an independant trader who really likes what he does, I don't foresee ever truly retiring.

    My ultimate plan would be to have a couple trusted clerks/assistants run my systems during the day. I would oversee things and do longer time frame asset allocation/macro-view trades. Basically become a one hour a day manager of my current trading business.
  8. What is an old man to do? Play golf, ok maybe once a month. Play cards? same thing when I am in Vegas and want to BS with the world traveller in the trading (actually managing ones finances) is a pastime for anyone who has a pot to piss in. No brainer, 'till I drop or get incapacitated.
    Actually many on this board have a skewed view on what trading is....
    trading is not by the seat of your pants, starring at a computer 24/7. For some trading is being in the market. So you can do other stuff at the same time and enjoy life.
  9. If someone is risking all their capital on 2 or 3 trades they are not 'trading' they are gambling. There is a major difference.