how long do transfers to amp take

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  1. I wired funds from my bank in ireland to the euro account in germany, DEUTSCHE bank over 24 hrs ago still nothing.

    any one whos done this before able to tell me how long it takes?
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    We post funds the same day they are received. As soon as your funds post to your AMP account, you will receive and automated email confirmation.

    If you would like the AMP Funds department to trace your deposit, please email the copy of your transfer details.
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    I heard Deutsche went into default just last night. . . Or was that a nightmare?

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    AMP's Final Holding Bank is BMO Harris in Chicago, USA.

    DEUTSCHE is only the intermediary bank for our European customers to route EUR deposits to the AMP / BMO EUR account.

    Sometimes, our customers sending bank does not put the wire instructions in the correct fields, so it gets delayed at the intermediary. As mentioned above, send the wire details to our funds department. They will run a trace and help finalize the transfer.