how long did you take to have a profitable year?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chonkore, Feb 13, 2007.

how long did you take to have a profitable year?

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  5. more than 5+ or give up

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  1. chonkore


    Just curious. I am not too good. :(

    Also maybe share some insight?
  2. 4 long years and losing $30,000 slowly
  3. 3 years

    sweating blood an pus

    oh and experiencing jail too,

    this is the right combination to become a trader :D

    PS: not joking at all
  4. It wasn't so much becoming profitable, but rather finding a trading strategy that I felt comfortable with.

    Took about 3-4 years off and on. Some profitable, some not. Most of my major losses came from day-trading a year or so ago. I'm not cut out for that shit.
  5. Also, that's with no mentor...others may have a better learning curve with 'em.
  6. Yes it should be noted as well I was doing all of this on my own until about a year and a half ago when I met my mentor Alex
  7. Interesting that several people where profitable year 1. I'd like to add a question for those how long before you had your first losing year?

  8. I voted for 1 just so I could see the results :p . I havn't had a profitable year, but I've had some great months inbetween.

  9. Joab


    Prop shop babies in a bull market !!!

    Most of these wont be around after 3 years.
  10. blast19


    I must say...nothing is more humbling or wonderful for a new investor than crashing and burning with a decent amount of takes a lot of the enchantment out of being an investor/trader.

    It's kind of like joining a might enjoy hanging out with your homies, but until they beat you into their club officially, you don't know how delicate of a thing it is that you're dealing with.

    Not the best example but if works in my opinion.

    I lost some money, quite a lot actually, the first few months of trading and came back with a vengeance and have grown my worth tons. I only pull out a decent salary every year and the rest stays invested but diversified.

    Real wake up call though to lose a lot of money.:D
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