How long did it take for you to become successfull at trading?

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    I have been trading full time for almost 6 years and really haven't started becoming "successful" in my trading until the last year. I trade equities and have a very very very small trading account compared to others here. I started out with $6K in 2000 and trade the minimum PDT rule with approx $25K in account. I haven't been able to compound my account because I pull approx $6K out each month for bills, so I make a good % return, but my account doesn't grow due to overhead (bills). I don't trade a computer program; I mainly daytrade certain stocks and close flat each night.

    How long did it take you to become successful at trading; How much did you start out with; What type of training, etc. What where some of the lessons that helped push you over to the top? I heard from a couple millionaire traders when I first started tell me that it would take me approx 5 years to turn the corner; how wrong I thought they where, yet how right they turned out to be.

    With someone with 5 years under their belt and a small trading account, is there more money to be made on the equities, futs, or forex?
  2. I trade a small amount of my total equity.

    I trade Retail Spot Forex.

    I learned to think in one year yields. Do you realize that all you need to a make is 0.09% per day to make a 30% yield per year (retail spot forex pays me 365 days per year) ?

    Fortunately, I found a marketmaker that allows me to trade in one-unit increments (not minis or lots) and I can "dial in" a very small amount of leverage. It doesn't take much to bank an average of 0.09% per day.

    Michael B.
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    Do you trade fulltime? How long did it take you to handle or become successful at trading Forex? I assume you must have knowledge in computer language or programming because thats probably what signals an entry for you?
  4. Dominic,

    I trade full-time (but I have another job too). I invested in Equities in my early years with moderate success, then I traded Futures after that for a few years, again with moderate success.

    It was not until July of 2004 when I opened up my Retail Spot Forex account that some lights came on. I got a margin call though within a few months. I then learned to lower my expectations.

    The last 91 days have been the most measurable and consistent days of focusing on my system and keeping auditable records. I am a system trader and have added a discretionary component. All my trading is manual, and could not be replaced with automation.

    Michael B.

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