How long did it take for profitability?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by melmel, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. melmel


    Hi I am new trader just wanted know how how long it took some of you great or not so great traders to become profitable from the get go. Obviously I've been losing but, still would like to see from determined people how long it took them to get in sync with the market.
    Thank you for your time
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    You are not us. We are not you. How long it took others to become profitable has no relevance to how long it will take you.
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  4. Stosh


    Possibly someone with a related background of knowlege and a high IQ could do it in a single vehicle within a couple of months, some people take a few years, and most people never get there.
  5. create a situation for yourself where you fail as much as possible given your ability for improvement that comes by way of education and positive feedback.

    figure out how much that will cost and execute it as a plan....
  6. We talking intra-day or swing trading here? Big difference!
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    I don't believe a high IQ is necessary to be profitable.
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    5 years of passive investing and 2 years of active research and trading on futures.
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    I buy bot 4 forex last week. i only start with 500 and this week already i make 20000. it take 2 days to get profitable, i am real deal
  10. I started a 10 month streak of consistency after my 15th month in the business
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