how long can XP last?

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    I want buy a netbook for charting software but most of them have Windows XP installed. When will MS stop to support XP? And will some new software cannot run on XP?
  2. What netbook ?

    Powerful enough ?
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    MS is going to provide support for XP until Apr 2014. So you have 4 years not to worry and after that you can buy another laptop or just upgrade it if it still works.

    Software can be a concern, you have to check them individually. Since almost half of the computers still using XP, most software is still XP compatible...

    Usage share of operating systems for June 2010.)
    Windows XP (49.96%)
    Windows Vista (19.42%)
    Windows 7 (15.70%)
    Mac OS X (6.03%)
    Linux (1.30%)
    iOS (iPhone) (0.90%)
  4. Actually, 2020.
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    I found that there are some netbooks installed Windows 7 Starter. But it seems to a very restricted version of Win7 and from wiki "It also doesn't support .NET Framework".

    I am using the AMI Broker, is it OK to run on a netbook (with Intel Atom 1.6GHz cpu and 1Gb)? Anyone have done it?
  6. The new Atom processors with hyperthreadding + dual core (shows up as 4-cores) is actually a decent machine. You will want to upgrade to 2GB RAM (its only liek $30).

    When I work from outside the office I'm on a Netbook - but I only VNC/REmote Desktop into my work boxes so I don't know about actually running applications. I know that when my wife installed iTunes on it there was a noticable difference.

    cell phone =/= smartphone
    smartphone/iphone =/= ipad/netbook
    iPad =/= netbook/laptop
    netbook =/= laptop
    laptop =/= desktop
    desktop =/= workstation

    Usually i start at the netbook but since more & more people consider "trading from iphone" I added the above two.

  7. Where did you find those numbers ?

  8. Can you give an example so such a netbook ?
  9. Win 7's prettiness factor takes away from productivity, rather than add to it.
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    Where do we find anything? Wikipedia....
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