how long can the markets go up 1% a week

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  1. it almost looks like everyone is getting rid of dollars as quickly as possible and going into stock before some kind of big inflation kicks in.

    almost like hyperinflation where every dollar has to be spent fast before its worth half the next day.
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    There big cap stocks up nearly 10% on the year, thats pretty damn impressive, at the rate they are going they may be able to tack on 50%-100% a year, now hows that for a big cap stock.
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    You pretty much nailed it. People are contributing to their retirement accounts and that money has to go somewhere. My friend just called for advice on which mutual fund to put his contribution (and employer matching contribution) into; he has to choose a fund, can't just leave it in cash or self-invest.

    So the funds are getting new cash and they have to invest it. Most companies beat earnings and many raised guidance; equities are a great investment right now, so the institutional investors will look to buy every dip as long as there is no fundamentally frightening news.

  4. the market has to be pricing in a major inflation hitting in the next year.

    if bigcaps go up 100% this year it probably means hyperinflation??
  5. Don't fight the tape.
  6. I am not I bought more ETFs and up already from this morning.

    I want to be prepared for hyperinflation every dollar is going to stocks.
  7. most of the companies will go bankrupt in case of worldwide hyperinflation

    if you expect hyperinflation you want to buy hard assets - gold, silver oil, land

    or if you think some countries will avoid it - buy shares there
    but I think in case of dollar hyperinflation - global hyperinflation is guaranteed and stock market is not best investment here

  8. yeah but if hyperinflation hits companies will just charge more. the bread company will no longer charge 1 dollar for a loaf but 10 dollars.
  9. market is geared to go up.
    We've got BOAT LOADS of upside to go.
    Play WITH the fed/manipulation, not against it!
  10. You definatly want to be short any financial instutions which have high amounts of be short all utilities and be long anything which deals with hard assets i.e mining companies.

    I dont know if gold is as good of an investment strictly because i think traders have priced in inflation into it, at $1400 it does not look like a great oppurtunity.
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