How long before you can be called "consistently profitable" ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by prox, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. prox


    Oh no, the system I use is publically available anyways..

    just wondering how long before I can say I've gone from a chop around break even trader to a profitable one.

    For instance, 1 month of winning can just be a hot streak .. ya know.
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  2. prox


    When I was chopping around , I always found that my worst days come right after very good days. Seems like I get overconfident and fail to respect the market (overtrade, trade too big, trade so-so signals) and what it can take away from me.
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  3. prox


    Thanks, the system is based on visual trendline breaks and setups on the CCI (Woodie's system) which would be impossible to program.

    Therefore, I've been keeping a real time trade log of the system setups on a trading simulator for the past 4 days:

    23 wins, 16 losses, 2 BE about 60%
    Wins +53.75 ES pts , Losses - 18.25 , Net: 35.50, 2.95 W/L ratio

    I've even thrown in .25 slippage on both sides , so the win % might be better in real life. Granted, it is just 4 days but very promising for a break even trader.
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  4. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    I know, it is impossible to program my system too.
    Too subjective.
    Going to try though, the idea fascinates me of money being made
    automatically while I live my life.:D
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  5. axehawk


    I know a guy who works midnights at an auto plant and then trades at a prop firm during the day. He's been profitable for 3 years and makes close to 6 figures trading. He says he rarely has any losing days. Yet he will not quit his factory job because he thinks he hasn't proved anything as a trader. He is not sure if his profitability will last.

    If your next question is "what does he trade?", he scalps NYSE stocks.

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