How long B4 Bcoming profitable consistently?

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how long B4 U became profitable in a consistent fashion?

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  1. 6 months

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  2. 1 year

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  3. 24 months

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  4. 5-10 years

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  1. if you really apply yourself to it.
    That is, in the case you make it... (90% of traders loose but for how long do they try?.. after they have blown up their 1st account)

    I.e. (I guess, according to what I read):
    - finding your edge
    - trading it with discpline (i.e. ACQUIRING discipline through slaps in the face.. when underestimating risks/trading with overconfidence/averaging down etc etc)
  2. It took me 100,000+ hours of screen time (practicals) + think time (theory).

    I have also read 10,000+ books. After reading so many books, I could finish a book in 10 minutes.

    I have transformed myself to be a super human, I have become a machine, a quantitative machine.

    Starting out, my goal was not to make a living at it. My goal was to give it that extra push to be the best/greatest at the game.
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  3. lemarche, you forgot to add the last choice: not profitable after 10 years.
  4. Maybe you didn't get the memo. Unprofitable traders hang out at
  5. That's 23 years at 12 hours a day, every day of those 23 years.
  6. Are you saying something atticus? are you trying to make some kind of a point?

    I can see that you did pay attention in your addition and subtraction classes.
  7. 33 years if you devoted 12h per day on trading days. So what you're proposing is impossible at your age.

    I am stating that you're insane and should extricate yourself from mommy's titty.
  8. Your mind is a very simple mind. Uncomplicated, not subjected to intense scrutiny. An undisciplined mind. An unexamined mind. Confused mind. A mind that's lost when confronted with complicated thoughts.
  9. 100k hours? Try again, numbnuts. This from the guy who had his thread deleted because he couldn't perform a simple compounded return. You wouldn't have stated 100k hours were you capable of grammar school math.

    Dude, you're woefully out of your depth. Pick up what is left of your marbles and gfy.
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