How little capital could you make a living off?? ;)

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How low capital (All the money you have in the world as capital), could u make living

  1. Could consistently do it and survive with under £1,000 capital.

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  2. Could consistently do it and survive with betwen £1,000 - £10,000.

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  3. Need minimum 10k, but could sustain making a living with under 30k

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  4. Need over £30,000 capital to be able to do it.

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  1. Aloha, ive seen alot of people talking about how rich they are and how much money and capital they have...,

    But im curious as to how 'little' capital other people out there are making a living off??

    Since its extremely easy to make a living when you have loads of spare cash lying around that you can play with,
    But so i would like to chat to/hear from others who consistently make a living from just 3-4figures capital... :)

    *I personally am currently doing it from just under 1k capital,
    but much prefer to have atleast 5k capital, as i did it for the last 11months with between 1k - 10k.

    To spice things up abit and make this thread contributable for everyone though ive added a poll, so everyone can vote on whats the lowest amount of capital that you think you could make a living from... :cool:

    (By 'living' lets say £1,150 per month,
    which is the average living cost for a small flat in UK).

  2. Super fast?? :confused: lol

    I did really enjoy the volatility n speed between June t December, as it meant extremely easy money.

    But i wouldnt say that trading is now 'fast'.
  3. Casey30


    10 mil
  4. 50 Billion, and then its still kinda tough.

  5. 0

    prop shop
  6. bespoke


    lmao, you consider making 1150 a living? there are people at mcdonalds that make more than that.

    but we all get it. you're an awesome trader. you remind us of it everyday. you make an amazing living with 1000. you live the high life - big house, hot girls, fast cars, lingerie parties. we all strive to be like you. i want to be you. no, i want to be with you. maybe we can chat. give me your email. are you into asians? do you like thin or well built? smooth or hairy? bye mate. soul-mate.
  7. LMAO bro, you hit'em kinda hard here, dontcha think? :eek: :p :D

  8. lol

    Making a 'living' is the act of earning enough money to keep staying alive,
    opposed to not earning enough to pay for basics like food, rent, bills.., and so bluntly put 'dying'. :)

    Thanks for your compliments though.. :cool:

    And yeah would be nice to hookup when your next in london sweetheart! :D :cool: :p lol
  9. Everybody wins as a trader. We are all special minds, so we are destined to make hundreds of thousands of $$$$ each month.
  10. Why work so hard?

    Homeless guy on the corner of 2 busy streets nets $400 cash a day. Wears about $600 in goretex so he is warm, but looks and acts pathetic enough to draw the "guilty" into giving him free money. Don't forget the cardboard signed with one letter backwards, LOL.

    He spends his nights at the casino and is known to stay at a comfort in for about $90 a night. I was told he drives a nice pickup.

    Life is good with no pride. :p
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