How liquid is the Euro FX on the CME?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by lcash, Mar 6, 2010.

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    How many contracts of the large Euro FX could be daytraded without too much slippage for 20+/- ticks? Is it liquid enough to trade 50-100 contracts without scaling in and out?

  2. Are YOU liquid enough to trade 50-100 contracts? That's an awful lot of size to be swinging considering you have no idea how the contract trades...
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    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of contracts bid and offered with a 1 pip spread. It is an extremely liquid contract.

    Each standard contract equals 125,000 Euro's. So you're talking about a 6-12 million Euro position size.
  4. Depends on what you mean by "too much slippage" etc. For jumping in and out with full size in one go, for the most part I think 10-20 is about the max. Definitely not 100, and very rarely 50. Perhaps you can squeeze a bit more out with some skill, but watch out for those stopruns when you're carrying a 50+ car position...
  5. This is not accurate... it is definitely one of the more liquid contracts, probably about equal to NQ. But you're not even in the same league as something like ES.
  6. 99% of the time between 7A-1Pm EST an order of 50 contracts won't have more than 2 ticks slippage.
  7. I should probably add to my prior statements. From my recent experience, the EU is probably more liquid than the NQ, though not by much. You could probably trade 50 cars and get a tick of slippage on a market sell of your whole position - which isn't much for a deep-pocketed trader who can afford to trade 50 cars.
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    i agree with that looking at that contract for more than a year.

    what i do is splitting my order between future and FX, lets say 50 contracts on the globex and 5.000.000 FX , or 30 + 7.000.000 ....
  9. what is wrong with clicking in 5 times with 20 lot orders? Just click quick before it runs from you, and use limits, maybe it will pop back on you a few and you'll get some of those 20s in at a lower price.

    Maybe remove trade confirmations so you have one click trading, its not hard to click the mouse 5 times.
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