how large are your trading accounts?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by indioo, Jun 19, 2003.

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    if your full-time job is trading im assuming you have atleast 50k in order to pay the bills from the gains
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    Depends on how much leverage you have available to you and how well you can manage the risk that comes with it.

    There are prop traders who can make well into 6 figures with only 10 or 20 grand in their accounts. After trading prop, I'd never ever consider trading retail again, for just that reason.
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  5. I thought size didn't matter...
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    stupid-ass question.
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    1000% per year? Doubt it's consistent otherwise we're gonna soon have a bunch of prop traders passing up Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. :)
  9. 1 Trillion dollars, 50 to 1 margin. no ticket charges, Island and INstanet rebates
  10. I will not disclose the units though...
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