how key is seeing "green" $ on days end P&L for trading the next day?

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  1. how key is seeing "green" $ on days end P&L for trading the next day?

    I believe it is HUGE...even if you get a small "green" $ profit showing on the P&L for the day...get it! It will impact you better than "red" -$ on days end P&L for tomorrows trading...

    agree, thoughts, comments?
  2. if you are trading with higher amounts than you can really take as a loss- that is your problem to begin with. once you know you are a profitable trader and your system works a day is a day be it red or green. i liken red days to having aces cracked by kings- if you let that affect you day in and day out you shouldn't live in the gray area of gambling we call trading.
  3. Oh, Inky, how is it you've been trading this long and haven't gotten past this type of thinking yet?


  4. how do you handle it?
  5. I know my method works (strong positive expectancy) and so I implement it exactly the same way everyday, P&L is a byproduct of all my hard work. I don't focus on it, I focus on the method and executing it properly.

  6. that is where I want to be at...
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    You PM'd me and I replied and you never responded. I will give you the Holy Grail of trading. I will dare you to drink from it.
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    quit trying to make money,start trying to win and take smaller losses
  9. No effect for me.

    If anything a good previous day could lead to false confidence the next day.
  10. this is bad to admit but I'm with "inky" on this one. I still havent found out how to seperate my feelings from my P/L yet. When I have a bad drawdown day I feel awful for hours. If i have a great day I fell like opening a HF! lol. It's easier said than done for sure. I guess that's how people like John Arnold or Steve Cohen make six figures daily and are still mad cause they should have made more. Sign me up for that.
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