How Jim Rogers performed during the Internet Bubble?

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    Being a known seller of histeria and a terrible short-term trader I got assume he lost a lot of money shorting the hundreds times earnings amazon type companies
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  3. Doesn't one generally sell his house to move? LOL! Perhaps you could explain to us where you found out that he is "having to sell his house to fund a move to china", as opposed to simply selling his house because he is moving.

  4. First, I don't know, and I know you don't know. But as a follower of Jim Rogers for years, I can tell you that he is not a short term trader. Many times he is early, but he is willing and able to hold a position for years as it comes to fruition. So that chances are that if he was short internet stocks my guess would be that he was early, but that he was short when the collapse came.

    He is also well know for being both long and short, and for using hedges.

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    i remember reading somewhere that he was long the leaders and short all the tier-2 and tier-3 names.. but I dont remember if it was him or Soros.
  6. Jim isn't a good short term trader. He's said that himself numerous times in interviews.

    I imagine any money lost in the internet bubble was more than made up for in commodities and emerging markets.

    You've got to figure, if his house is worth $15 million, his net worth must be in the upper 8 figure, to 9 figure range. He's not hurting for money...
  7. Didn't he retire at 35? The guy is loaded. I bet he's going to live like a king in China.
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    wasn't he traveling around the world on his motorcycle during that time? some reason that sticks in my mind.
  9. Totally agree~! I wonder how Jim Rogers could be said as short term traders? Jim said himself is the worst trader in the world, and he's always too early... how could he be a short term trader?

    I think he did pretty well these few years since 1998... as he started buying commodities by then, as I know, he betted on sugar, coffee, oil, lead, orange juice, etc... almost everything made history highs except for sugar & coffee... but they are going to, especially sugar.

    And Jim bought some Japanese stocks during 2001... what do you think how much he earns?

    He's moving to China because he thinks China is going to grow fastest in the next few decades... but what I don't know is that how much early is he this time... lol...
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