How Jack “Bailout Bonus” Lew Got to Treasury

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    How Jack “Bailout Bonus” Lew Got to Treasury

    As I and many others have pointed out for years, unless you are a crony Wall Street welfare queen you can pretty much forget about any high level position in the Obama Administration. Barack made that clear from day one when he decided to surround himself with two of the people at the core of the 2008 financial crisis, Larry Summers and Tim Geithner. The trend is simply continuing with the current nominee for Treasury Secretary: Jack “Bailout Bonus” Lew. The revolving door is institutionalized and at this point as reliable as a Swiss watch. From Bloomberg:

    Of course he is close to one of the biggest snakes in the grass in modern American history, Robert Rubin.

    Of course she did.
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    Obama seems to go out of his way to pick the most incompetent people for appointees. Especially this time around.

    Even during his last shake up I was concerned about moving people from heading one agency to heading a different one. That may work OK in a company with various departments but I prefer the heads of the CIA, DOD and even DOJ to have extensive experience in those areas.

    This is how we get huge mistakes and incidents such as occurred in Benghazi.

    The bottom line is that Obama has no experience in management nor even running the most rudimentary of organizations. We've been flying by the seat of our pants for four years and it shows.
  3. Doesn't matter. Odumbo sees himself as "king" or "dictator"... can do anything he wants. If CONgress doesn't go along, he'll just rule by Executive Order.

    Amazing... I went through my entire life hating only one person... an abusive step-parent. Now, I HATE 100,000,000 AMERICAN PARASITES/ODUMBO SUPPORTERS!