How is ''trend trading'' any different from 'chaser trades'???

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  1. ALoha, this is 1 thing that i am seriously seriously struugling with now that i ahve had to start doing intrad-day trades on oil, as its no longer 'midterm direction' tradeable!! :(

    Since July oil was an obvious sell it was going down below 100, so all you had to do was ONLY SELL, eneter sells during the day of the spikes and hold for few mins to hours (with giant stoploss).

    Trend was obvious down, and so all you had to do was just make sure you had a big enough stoploss, and you were guaranteed to make 100s ticks per day selling.

    Now however oil has become a 'ranging market, with severe intraday spikes'! :(

    But so my main question is how do you distinguish ''trading the daily trend'', from 'doing 'chaser trades'??

    Since when i look at the chart, see that oil has fallen $2 or 3dollars down in absically a straight diagnonal line, that should mean that you wiat for a dip and then buy at the support level, as it wil be getting pullback.

    However for the last 2weeks nearly everyday the ONLY way you could have made money trend trading would have been by gambling using chaser trades!!

    Whene you see a trend that is there and as happened, on what basis can you distinguish CONTINUING to trade in that direction and just hope that the trend doe scontinue and not start to pull back,
    from that just being a chaser trade???

    Ive attached a screen shot to show what i mean....
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    Well, mainly by studying lots of trends, lots of markets.

    We certainly could debate the following, especially in a bear market[which most markets are in now];
    but have you ever heard ''one day does not a trend make''.:cool:

    Also ,you may ,Senior, want to wait till opec announces what they call ''production plans''Friday. Big cut could be more upspikes in the mostly downtrend/demand destruction,
    long & medium downtrend.

    Also sloppy choppy trends ;
    i usually say adios amigos[good buy to trading that trend, my friend..............................

  3. Cheers mate, and sounds like an exciting stimulating debate.. :p :cool: lol

    I just dont like to trade in the direction that the trend 'was' for the last few mins or hours, since that feels like 'chaisng trades' that i have missed.

    But if i trade for the pullback i get fucked.. :(
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    Unless you can predict the future, you go with the current trend. When it changes direction, go with the flow. Otherwise you are guessing. Price very rarely stays flat for very long. So you may as well play the roulette wheel if you want to guess where the price will go in the next time period you use. You have a 50/50 chance you will be correct.

  7. when isnt it a 50/50 chance?

    if you flip a coin 50 times and get heads 50 times, are you in a heads trend?

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    I use a range candlestick, not time.
    So if upon entry it reverses, you have to be quick and reverse as well.

  9. Aww, um well im glad to hear that. :) lol

    Its a great game btw. ;)

    I think i may actually try to claim some sorta of referral recommendation fee from the makers of that game! :D
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