How is trading a lot like dating?

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  1. jinxu


    I'm on a time out from trading and am kind of bored so I thought I'll create this thread and see how it goes. I'll start first.

    How is trading a lot like dating?

    If you miss a trade, there's always another one around the corner.
    If you get rejected by a girl, there's always another one nearby.

    There's plenty of opportunities in the market.
    There's plenty of fishes in the sea.

    Every trades is a loser until proven wrong.
    Every women is "not marriage material" until proven wrong.

    The top traders are the alpha and gets all the money.
    The top men are the alpha and get all the women.

    The bottom traders are the beta and are financially-frustrated.
    The bottom men are the beta and are sexually-frustrated.
  2. ElCubano


    If your trade is a winner the federal gov. takes their share
    If your girl is a winner she takes her share.
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    :eek: :eek: :eek: :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. BSAM


    Sometimes you get lucky.

    Sometimes you don't.
  5. Ash1972


    Stop losses. If you're not getting anywhere with a girl, stop wasting your time and money.
  6. I would only add there are far more trade opportunities per day than there are opportunities to bang a chick, unless you are working
    reeeeeeeally hard at it. :D
  7. Should be.
    You can bang a girl many times, even marry her. But you must get different trades.
  8. NEVER believe the hype.:D
  9. Most of the time you get rejected -- but every once in a while you get to stick it in their ass :]
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    The more up/down movement and the faster it is, the better it gets.
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