How is this mkt gonna close today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by et123, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. et123


    any thoughts outthere?
  2. bh_prop


    Uneventful is my guess
  3. rcj


    ha ...haha .... shit man...i is too busy in the middle
    of a fcukin dogfight with the YM.... who knows....damn im lucky to be ahead 50$ ... ck this cbot member/trader... fcker has been after my a$$ all day .... jeez. cant seem to shake 'em.

    Here he is ...

    <img src=>
  4. open


    RCJ its not nice to talk about me like that on public forum :p
  5. motoman


    Guess I wasn't the only one fighting it out.
    About even on my trades, but commissions are eating me up today.
  6. rcj


    Ya think so, ehh? Damn, other traders need to know ... 'specially
    once he get holt of da fire water..... You'ze too good.

    ps....zat you 28...haha??? hmm Open = T28 mabee
  7. rcj


    Im very lucky to be up(YM) 86$ net. I think IB got more than that?
  8. open


    it was a tricky day but I made 500

    I make 400 on average

    and yes YM is my thing
  9. et123


    given this is the last day of the month...thinking they might want to hold the mkt in the green to the close...any thoughts out there?
  10. Patience is going to be rewarded into year end.

    There are some values out there that too many are shorting.

    Sell the unrealistic rallies, be intelligent on the pullbacks and take profits when the runners peak out.

    It's going to be an interesting run into year end with volatility being KING!

    Good Luck!
    #10     Nov 30, 2007