how is the commision being calc.?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by giladbi, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. giladbi


    yesterday i bought 22800 shares and sold the same amount
    i was charged 91.21$ on the buy side, 98.7 on the sell side and 34.14 on SEC fees

    on another date for exp. i traded 7500 each side and payed 300.02 for the buy and 249.02 for the sell and 162.43 for sec fee
    even if i don't add the sec fees into the commisions than i have payed 0.00363 per share

    most of the days is like 0.0036 to 0.00375

    my agreement is 0.0035
    what i am missing here?
    or they overcharging me?
  2. Beast84


    Something to do with how your trades are routed. If you use a route where you not only remove liquidity but also remove liquidity from another exchange then you pay extra fees. I am not really qualified to answer your question but I hope it leads you to a better answer.
  3. giladbi


    just to make it clear, 99% of my trades are NYSE so no add/taking ecn fees should be in
  4. Since Rule NMS was instituted, and the NYSE does not have a complete "Do Not Ship" (DNS) order type in place, you may very well have had your orders shipped to ARCA or another ECN for possible better pricing. I suggest you print out your sheets, and go over them with your Firm, they will explain it all to you.

  5. One


    One of us needs a new calculator. Mine says you are paying 10X the amount of your agreement, for example on the purchase and sale of 7,500 shares:

    15000/(300+249)=.0366 not .00366
  6. giladbi


    ops it was 75,000 and it still don't go to 0.0035
  7. LOL, I just tried to answer the general question, and did not notice the decimal points, sorry.