How is Spectra allowed to Suggest his Services but I cant?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bullz n Bearz, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Whenever I post a thread relating to my youtube channel it gets deleted. But Spectra can post links to his services any thread he wants and doesn't get boo from it.

    Why the double standard, ET?
  2. Pekelo


    Can I go first guys? Please! Thank you...

    You idiot, Spectra is an ET Sponsor, and you are NOT. So either make your ads more subtle or pay the MAN....
  3. I saw the You Tube video. Can you help me and my friends out.

    We placed bets whether you are a guy or a girl and I got a lot riding on it.
  4. Bro, I'm totally a girl.. Duh!

    you know you and ur friend are turned on by my hot head of hair!
  5. Please stop, seriously.
  6. Please leave the thread if you don't mind. You're clearly experiencing part of the whipsaw when two people banter and the third wheel(you) tries to get involved..

  7. No, I'm simply attempting to keep the rest of my dinner-down and preserve my corneas from further damage. Please keep the over-the-top fag-talk to a minimum.
  8. Ok ok as long as you justify it like that .. fag-talk no more..

    enjoy your dinner :)
  9. Damn there goes $100 out he window. I was the only bet on Hemaphrodite and thought I would get it all :(
  10. Damn! You bet red AND black and hit green! Baaaad luck... :(
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