How is Sabena gonna do in trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RocketTrader, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Minime


    Did Sabena join the challenge officially?
  3. swissair


    He has no chance if he doesn't change his name :)
  4. Sabena is full of hot air. A hot air balloon successfully circled the globe this summer.

    How about a contest between Sabena, Aphexcoil, GD2KNO, LongShot, and daniel_m.
  5. I guess we can also invite Harry Trader considering the fact that he calls turns impeccably (?).

    Well, is everyone prepared to put up some money for the winner ?
    Say anywhere between US $ 25 K to US$ 100K ?

    If so, then which market can they trade (so we can compare apples with apples) ?

    The participation fee (payable to the winner) needs to be held by an independant party.

    I am happy to hold it seeing that I am independent as I don't know any of you. :D :D

  6. Coming to think of it, my betting money goes on Sabena. (probably because I know less of him that any opf the others) :)

    However, no offers have as yet been forthcoming regarding a bet.

  7. I think they should each be allowed to trade whatever vehicle or combination they choose. What matters is whether they can produce results, with their own method.

    I didn't include Larry Williams because I don't think he posts on here.
  8. According to Sabena he sent him an email telling him that he is prepared to take Williams up on his boast that he (Williams) will trade against anyone.

    Apparently no response came forth.

    Perhaps Williams eyesight has deteriated to the extent that he isn't reading his emails nowadays.

  9. sabena


    Well, I will just start with my thing

    and after that invite Mr. Williams

    for a head-to-head trading challenge.

    Yes, I like hot air....

  10. sabena


    In regard to the E-mail I sent to

    Mr. Williams; I understand that he

    didn't reply....

    In fact , who knows me ?

    Nobody, so....

    The moment the results show up,

    he will also not reply because he will

    realize that he has no chance to win

    #10     Jan 14, 2003