How is order entered in automated systems?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by wyang, May 12, 2005.

  1. wyang

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    Do you need special account to do this and can we average part-time guys do it from home?
  2. Possibly by typing manually?! :confused: :D
  3. Choad


    You can do it with an IB account and a bit of programming effort.

  4. No special account.

    You need to program your system into one of the many pieces of software available, and then hitch it to your order system.
    It will trigger you orders automatically, while your gone.

    Hope you still own the house, once you get back, though...

    Good luck to you.
  5. wyang

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    Will that work with the web interface I'm using? (now typing by hands).
  6. Kermit


    Try AutoIt’s scripting language for automating the Windows GUI so you don’t have to type things in by hand any more (via mouse and keystroke simulation). As to how exactly to interface with your Web-based order entry, you’d have to experiment with it.

  7. You don't need IB account (any broker account
    will do), GUI, C++, Java, VB#,...

    All above are pain in the ass, those are made for
    geeks who have nothing better to do in their life.

    Three easy steps:

    1-Learn any of these scripting language:
    -TS easylanguage
    Because they have more 3rd party support on overall

    2-Above softwares have signal generation feature
    turn that function "ON".

    3-Use any of this software to pick up your signal
    and excute them for you in real time
    Advanz Auto4X
    Data Signal International
    Dyna Order
    FX Engines
    Global Edge Trading
    MetaTrader 4 [Brokers]
    Trade Bolt
    TradeStation 8
    Virtual Trader
    and many many more..........

    If you are lazy, then you can lease automated system
    everything done for you, Except not sure if they will
    be profitable: Trading&s=15&np=3
    and many many more..........
  8. wizardx


    Try EasyAPI. You can use Excel as your trading platform and retain all the benefits of Excel. It's easy to use, no bloat, and you can avoid paying API fees.
  9. It seems too many options for consideration.

    What would you guys recommend the best set-up of a fully automated order execution system for trading (spot) Forex? :confused:
  10. BigGun


    StrategyBuilderFX MQL programming language is very simple

    Here is user guide link pay close attention to the programmers guide.

    Great part about SBFX is the platform (metatrader) is free to demo for one year, giving you plenty of time to learn prier to funding an account. They also have a very active community forum with plenty of users to bounce dears and help back and forth..
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