How is OpenECry compared to IB?

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    Mostly interested in OEC's data feed, I use tick charts and IB's tick and volume charts are just terrible...Do they do the snapshot thing also or is it real data? The fees are good if not better and the software seems alrite...Looking for any feedback..Thanks
  2. I run esignal at the same time as OEC.
    The data displayed on the oec depth of market is the same exact data as esignal.
    I really don't care for the charting on oec so I use esignal, and also I use Quotetracker. QT is one of the best at charting, easy to use, and the very best staff to back up their product.
    I see no difference on the DOM, even when things move fast, and esig.

    OEC does not charge for the charting. It is included in the account you open.
    So for free, it does the job.
    I cannot speak for IB, but I can provide this feedback on oec.
  3. Not only does OEC 'do the job' they are above and beyond many other platforms out there. You can plug the OEC data (which is vast and free to clients) into charting packages or simply use OEC's charting.
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    I use MultiCharts for charting so I wouldnt be using their charting software. But do they backfill a decent amount of data though? And is the feed true tick by tick data or snapshot like IB?
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    Big AAPL

    This is some very interesting dialogue. I would also like to know if anyone can compare the products mentioned to the Ninja Trader/ZenFire package. I currently use the Sim, but am very impressed with its reliability and smooth data feed. I've never really seen it hang up and the charting is robust enough for my needs. But, unfortunately, I have no other platform to compare it to.
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    I guess not alot of OEC users out there...
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    May be a good reason for that....
  8. OEC is a fine firm with a great platform. Super technology, good customer service ...all around A-grade firm.
  9. I haven't tried them just yet. I am still with TransAct. But Sierra Charts says that OEC provides true tick by tick data while I know for a fact that IB only does snapshot data, albeit reportedly better than it was 6 months ago. I have considered OEC, there's a couple of complaints on their customer service, but that happens with most brokers. Since TransAct now offers tick data I will mostly likely just stick with them since their phone support is really good. OEC is nice in that they offer pit traded contracts, not that I trade them, and options on futures, last time I checked.
  10. I agree with your assessment of OEC.

    In addition, any problems or issues are dealt with in a professional and timely fashion. The improvements to their systems and Trader front end are well tested before released to production. The release schedule is well thought out, no constant updates and the QA is done on TEST systems.

    A+ in my opinion.
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