How is Ninja with TT data?

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  1. I am looking to get some feedback from ppl using the Ninja TT data combo? I have read everything regarding Ninja as recently. I just wanted to see if I could get some more feedback before I make the switch.

    I had a problem last week with Ninja Zen and while I believe it was Ninja, I am missing some of the features and may give it another try. I mention TT data because Velocity, and I still have an account there, has it and when you have a problem they can flatten you very fast. Also I was told by a friend that the RT cost would be 50 cents less the Zen/Dorman. My experience with Pro Active and Zen was it took me over a minute to flatten my position after Ninja locked up. Way too long in my book. This was Pro Active's fault as they had instructed me to call them first before calling the trade desk when I signed up, then when I did they didn't want to execute for me. Also Zen/Dorman only has 1-2 on the trade desk whereas I know there are atleast twice as many at Velocity normally answering phones.

    So I ask again, please provide feedback on Ninja TT. Does the Ninja charts work? Is it quick as X Trader? Have you had the software lock up? Thanks in advance.

  2. Lorenzo


    How is Ninja with TT data?

    Bad! The feed is slow, not so different to Ninja PATS :mad:

    I have had the same problems with Zen Fire

    It seems NINJA software has still some problems with TT feed, while Zen Fire has a great potential but it is not stable ....:confused:
  3. NinjaTrader with TT feed has been great with no problems for me at all (the Demo accounts do seem to be experiencing some problems the last few weeks....not the real funded accounts though).

    Also, VCap always takes care of my needs ASAP (and you can be live in a Vcap chatroom with Paul Wilson daily for added company contact when needed.....that never hurts!) with Paul Wilson&PS=Y
  4. 5P, as I recall your friend works at V Cap right? I think it was Mad Scalper from Woodies. That's not good or bad, just clarifying. VCap is very new about a year old, after checking NFA. How much is their RT? I could get $4.20 with Ninja TT from Velocity all in for every market my friend mentioned. Do you know whom they clear through? I have accounts at Velocity and Pro Active already so I could clear through Velocity or FC Stone.

    Thanks for the feedback both of you. I am just doing due dilligence before I make my next move.
  5. Yes you are correct about Paul and I did send you a PM on the matter. :)
  6. Dan & others - I've never used Ninja, but I am with ProActive and use 'T4'. It's basically an XTrader knockoff, but I love it. It is newer and the designers of the program are open to ideas and suggestions for future improvements.

    It currently does NOT have charting though - that is coming down the road. How long? No idea.

    Just an idea that you may want to demo as you look to different platforms. I have nothing but very high remarks for T4 and ProActive.
  7. Thanks, my mentor is demoing now, they have no static dome though :(
  8. Yes...I also have DOM addiction! :)
  9. They do, but this is a limitation. You can set the dom to 'auto-track' and 'centered'. This will eliminate the jumpiness. The catch there is you cannot scroll up and down.

    My workaround was to set the font small enough and on a large enough monitor (17") so that a good chunk of price levels are right there. This way, I can get my stop on (I don't have large stops) and I can either get my profit targets on or wait a little and then put them on.

    Actually, here's a screenshot, much easier.

    I really like how customizable this thing is. As you can see, the way my dom is vs. the default setup is pretty different, but simple is better for me. If you like a lot of stuff, you can have that on as well.
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  10. This is an old thread.... but it NT 6 finally reliable and fast with TT feed?

    Is there any difference in this regard vs. X_Trader with its 'native' TT feed?
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