How is Newport Beach?

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  1. I'll be visiting shortly - looking at taking an attractive role in the city. We'd rent for 6-12 months, but just searching the net, it appears real estate is still very overpriced. Is the area THAT attractive? I've lived in Hawaii, so it is hard to imagine Newport Beach is comparable, yet real estate prices/rentals appear approximately on par. And the market is difficult to read given recent volatility in prices. Should I be able to find a good deal once I am there on the ground? Are all the foreclosures sitting empty or hitting the rental market?

    What am I missing? Thoughts on moving a young family to Newport Beach most appreciated. Particularly any thoughts on area schools are most appreciated.
  2. get ready to be anal'd. newport beach = $500 per sq foot for entry level far from the beach. close to the beach it's $1600-2000 per sq foot, and that's for a 90 year old home that would be considered a piece of shit in most places in the country.

    if you think that's bad, you're lucky you didn't buy 2 years ago
  3. Real estate remains egregiously overpriced. Either services are going to collapse or state taxes are going through the roof. Now I appreciate why the position I'm looking may still be vacant!
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    Depending where in NB, you and your family becoming a divorce statistic is exceedingly high.
  5. Its a nice area. I live very close to Newport Beach. High Schools are ranked very highly in California, UCI close by, etc. Real estate is definitely expensive but so is most of Southern California and Newport Beach is regarded as a more upscale area. Lots of nice shopping centers/malls around the area as well. Check out fashion island/irvine spectrum/crystal cove. I would definitely recommend the area for having/raising a family.
  6. NB is the nicest city to live in for OC, with exception maybe Laguna Beach. Both are big $$$. I spent many days there having grown up in Costa Mesa. Attitude is extreme. Crime very low. Huntington Beach is very nice too and a tad bit cheaper. Some parts of HB are far from the freeway to make in a pain. Another nice area is Sunset Beach, north of HB, but remote to get to freeway and get somewhere.

    This is a helpful site

    Corona Del Mar, part of NB, and NB are known for having PTA's that do what it takes to support their kids. I remember as a competitive swimmer in HS think damn the parents of CDM HS raised the money for a new Olympic size swimming pool. We are in the crappy old pool. This may have changed since way back then but I doubt it.
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    You'll love the area if you like spending your days sucking exhaust sitting in traffic, and getting nowhere. Very overcrowded and very expensive, as is just about anywhere in OC.

    So Cal used to be such a paradise. Now it's just one big parking lot from the beach to 50 miles inland.
  8. Newport Beach is just a name. Sure, there are some beaches, a few nice restaurants and other such things, but lets face it, its just a name. There are many other communities in Orange County which are cheaper and provide the same things, but without the name of Newport Beach.
  9. I used to live in Newport Beach. Loved it. There's alot of places you could live if it's too expensive. Huntington Beach is quite a bit cheaper and not far away. Costa Mesa, alot cheaper. Irvine, a little farther away but not bad, and a good area.

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    I tried to live somewhere else but San Diego sucked me back in. It is still the best place to live - even with the traffic.
    OC is nice as well.
    The trick is you have to be able to arrange your driving schedule and afford to recreate.

    Here is the test - when you go on vacation and you are flying back - do you smile to yourself and say hey I am returning to better spot.

    If you say that in the summer and the winter... you probably live in San Diego Orange County or a great spot in the Mountains.
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