How is it to not live by the coast?

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  1. I have never lived my life much further then 20 miles from the coast of an ocean in a densely populated urban area. When I fly over the various land-locked areas, I wonder what its like to live life in these places like Ohio or some other land locked mass.

    I am not sure what it would take for me to live in an Ohio, Nevada or Texas, but I think it would be a lot. I feel like a person who lives in a small apartment in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, etc. has more then a person living in the middle of Arizona in a 5 bedroom house.

    I have actually stayed in places like Arizona, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. a few times in my life for business, but I could not wait until I got back to the coast in an urban setting. There was never any fun to be had in those places and I just felt like an Alien. Out of place.

    So whats it like to live in these out of the way places? How do you cope with nothing to do but roam around in the 5 room house looking for things to do? About 3-4 times a week I am out and about as there is always things to do in a large coastal city. Always people to meet. As for Ohio...Im a little scared of the people there and I would rather not meet them...
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    Less chance of being taken out by a mega tsunami inland.
    I am from Australia and have family in Ohio that we visit every few years. Its like anywhere there are good and bad
  3. How about a nice big property on a lake? You can stay social and have plenty to do tilling the soils.
  4. Funny you mention the issue with living in a coastal area. I feel the same way. Another one is mountains. Gotta have those mountains! Whenever I'm in a place like Florida, I start thinking of heading out to where there are mountains.

    So, since I need ocean & mountains, it kind of narrows the the locations I can be at with nice weather.
  5. It pretty much sucks, and I live in a large flat land area (Chicago). I have a couple of good friends who live in San Diego so I try to visit at least once a year. I think I've stayed here (or close enough in college) my entire life because of a large family presence, and my wife is also from the area. Everytime I get on the plane to fly home from Cali I ask myself why the hell do I live in the midwest? One of these trips, I may just not come home.
  6. Haha...i'm wondering if I'm going to do the opposite...
    i'm leaving California...