How is it there's so much really lousy music in the world?

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  1. I won't even pick on a particular style, since there's crap in EVERY category.

    But there seems to be a lot of really shitty jazz , pop, and soul.

    Just hearing some of that freeform jazz some seem to cream over.

    Frankly, I've farted more creatively than some jerk with a horn blowing notes at random.

    The Emperors clothes.
  2. I figured no one would give a shit.

    I've noticed over many years that the subject of BAD music is almost impossible to broach,..

    Worse than politics, religion, rape, you name it.

    The reason.

    Cause almost all of you have your musical taste up yer pitutie, so you're defensive about it.


    now theres an example. millions love Rush, no not limbaugh, and I think they suck ass. stink. worthless noisemakers.

    No, not limbaugh.
  3. Cant get one idiot Rush fan to defend their bad taste?
  4. Not even one moron here that thinks Rush and all the other noisemaking hair bands are worth a damn?
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    Yea, there's a lot of garbage out there.

    But don't knock Geddy Lee. He's True Blue.
  6. whats sicekning is how much boom car rap there is out there

    all rap - freaking junk

    as someone on the young end of the baby boomers, i do think our generation really threw the baby out with the bathwater is falling in love with 'rock', not that i dont like a lot of it

    but i've discovered the 1960s evelution of what had been 'big band' and a lot of it is pretty cool classy stuff

    - henri mancini

    - nelson riddle orchastra

    - john barry

    - lalo schifrin

    - herb alpert
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    rap is crap. Rock isn't that much better (imo). Some of its okay. But compared to classical?

    Ball Room/Swing. Have to investigate that. Just recently exploring all genres on youtube.
  8. your such a negative nelly
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