How is India faring this global economic collapse?

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  1. Keep reading about how Russia is imploding, Japan is crashing, Europe is Rioting and the US is bailing everyone out but what about India?

    They keep selling them little cars over there?

    People still go and watch Bollywood movies?

    How are they holding up?
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    Why don't you do some searching and then tell us what you find.
  3. Can't find anything about them.

    Nada, zip, nothing.
  4. India has the best economy in the world!

    With its democracy and freedom, India will surpass American in no time, and left China to eat their dust. :D

    Most western media doesn't care about India's problems, cause India has been the next beacon of light for freedom and democracy for long long time, of course after American. No one dare to criticize India in the west.
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  7. Here is Bombay Stock Exchange (Monthly) chart...


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    Next stop 6000.