How is IB's charting?

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  1. Klamath


    If you use Sierra Chart with IB's data, does it lag and miss ticks like IB's charts do?
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  2. I scalp eminis and IBs chart works fine for me. I add subcharts for week, day, 5 min and 1 min. Make constant bar size. Add moving averages, draw trend lines on day chart, they go to minute charts. Use bullseye icon to quick change all charts from NQ to ES. You can trade off the charts but I use book trader.
    Maybe you want more but that's all I need.
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    I use Amibroker $259 one off fee but can upgrade 5 times.
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  4. I use Ensign with IB. Costs me $39 a month. Intraday goes back for several months and daily goes way back for years. They get a free forex data feed which includes history for daily and intraday from FXCM.

    Ensign has all kinds of indicators. Great customer service etc...
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  5. I tried that with IB but sometimes when I hit the bulleyes button it took a few seconds for the charts to switch and update. I went with sierra charts a while back and I like it, it's very easy to get up to speed with.
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  6. Sierra Chart now offers real-time and Historical Forex data as well. You can find more Information here:
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  7. No. Its good.
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  8. Use em for long and.....

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