How is IB's charting?

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  1. Please tell me for day trading and scalping only purposes how you view IB's charting capabilities?

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  2. Fine - if you don't use it.

    Use Quotetracker charts w/ ib data instead.
  3. NinjaTrader charting is very good..and you can trade off the charts.
  4. none but also bad. forget it.
  5. stevenao


    bad, slow, hard to use. Don't use it. QT is a better choice. Only it supports only 2 days of intraday and 6 month for daily. If you are using 3 min charts, you won't see a SMA 200 until later in the day.
  6. Its terrible, don't use it. Purchase/lease 3rd party software if you want to use charts.
  7. cvds16


    Use quotetracker, and pay 60 usd a year and you can see 10 days of intraday data. It's great software.
  8. Sierra Chart (my preference)


    Ensign Software

    give higher functionality alternatives to IB charting and quotetracker at a slightly higher price.
  9. I agree with kiwi_trader, Sierra Chart is an exceptional value.
  10. siapaya


    I have a question...I'm also using IB. Above the cost of Quotetracker, do I have to pay extra for forex data subscribtion from IB? and Is it easy to set up?

    I'm new with forex. I usually use metastocks and esignal for stocks. Never use quotetracker before.
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