How is IB doing this year?

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  1. It was said that IB handed out billions dollars of bonus last year. What about this year? More or less money will IB, their investors and employees make? Although it is still early in the year, how do I ensure my piece of action will be taken care of? Is IB hiring? Does IB need consultants? Or is IB selling bonds or preferred stocks to whom want them. How to qualify all these? I can't help wanting to do something about it and get a piece I deserved. Some one please give suggestions or references. Thank you.
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    "Billions dollars of bonus"? "Some one please give suggestions "

    I'm beginning to think you and "nomoreoptions" are the same guy.

    Here's a suggestion.

    Pull yourself together.
  3. Yes, IB is indeed hiring. Do you think that you qualify ? :D
  4. Since they only have 400+ employees (or maybe it was 600+), billions in bonuses sounds a tad high. I did see that they donated a few milllion $ to Vanderbilt University so they must be doing well. But it's privately held.
  5. Okay, but how?

  6. This is not the question for me to answer. It desn't matter whether I say of course or am afraid not.

  7. It's truely a wonderful thing to do, isn't it?

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