How is financial news regulated?

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  1. Who is the regulatory body for financial news services such as Reuters or Bloomberg?

    I can´t find the answer anywhere so I thought I would ask here before declaring them unregulated.
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    You don't just want to make up an answer like you did in the other thread?
  3. Well I apologise if I upset you but seeing as you appear to be well grounded in facts then maybe you can answer my question above?
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    There is no licensing required or regulatory body for distributing news that I'm aware of. You could start writing financial news on your own site today if you wanted to.
  5. Thanks Baron thats the opinion I had formed.

    Its quite surprising that this is the situation considering that the likes of the SEC take market manipulation seriously. News can also move price and quite a lot under certain circumstances yet is unregulated.
  6. This was a post from a member called "experiencedjoe".

    In a lot of strategies that have a minor chance of success always involved the instigator of the strategies front-running the rest. Therefore it is to the instigator's advantage, after he has entered a position, to tell others about it, or at least have a predefined strategy where others will automatically follow without being prompted.

    From CNBC
    U.S. and European stock markets moved higher Tuesday morning on a Reuters report, quoting anonymous sources, suggesting the European Central Bank may buy corporate bonds in the secondary market in an effort to fight deflation. The ECB has subsequently confirmed to CNBC that "the ECB has taken no such decision."

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    You're confusing news and opinion. They're very different things in the eyes of the SEC, FCC and FTC.
  8. Can you cite any regulations to reinforce what your suggesting?
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    There are thousands of pages of case law on the subject. Many of the most important in this area would involve private/personal versus commercial speech. Drawing that line in terms of financial news/opinion keeps many expensive law firms in business.
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    Financial Times , Oct5, 2011 , ES trading down all day when a late day rumor was reported on FT that Central Banks worldwide were coordinating efforts.
    ES had a huge reversal on the rumor, 105 to 110 and follow through was big. Still ongoing.

    Whats your point cause i forgot mine.
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