How is everybody's health?

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    I went to a few trading firms. Most are male, looking like shit. Most are smoking, looking like out of their minds, with dirty cloth, messy hair.

    Personally, once I was in this trading/investing for full time, I became very unhealty -- unlimited data/10Q to read every day. Tough decisions every day. Those all left traces in my health. I am now less interactive with real people, gained weight, slept very little. Many of my friends say I don't look normal now.

    How do you keep yourself FIT, Normal in Society?
  2. clacy


    Eat right. Exercise. Don't smoke. Bathe daily. Maintain normal social skills.:D
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    2 things that I find you HAVE to do. 1. Work out regularly(preferably outside) 2. Maintain good sleep habits.
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    Amazing.... I was heading the same way... but once I became emotionless in my trading... and the money finally came in, I began to hit the gym hardcore (along with a disciplined nutritional program.)

    Things are MUCH better now.

    Please people... don't let your health go downhill.... otherwise, you won't enjoy the money when it arrives :)
  5. running works the best for me. 20 min about in the morning and the days are alot better.then i alternate between hard running and weights in afternoon or night.
  6. i lift weights and use the TREADMILL. running on the treadmill or using the lifecycle is a great stress reliever. also,weightlifting is not only good for building muscle but also for burning fat, trading is so damn stressful,it can wreak havoc on your appearance if you don't take care of yourself. also,if you have a bad trading day,its easy to not only be stressed but get depressed.this can be debilitaing.if you feel depressed and very upset about a bad trading day,no questions asked,go right to the gym and hop on a treadmill for at least a half hour. also,diet the right foods.i know its tough when you are trading as most traders live on coffee and fast food. coffee is fine but eat low fat low carb high protien...its easy to eat like that believe are right,so many traders look like shit.if you are a good trader that means you are dusciplined so why not be disciplined about your health? whats more important at the end of the day.
  7. There is some true wisdom in this thread.

    1) Eat right,

    2) Exercise at least 3 times a week,

    3) get enough sleep

    4) Keep your stress in check,


    5) Keep life in perspective.

    Easier said than done...but well worth the effort.

    The most important thing in life is our health. We usually don't get do overs on health issues.
  8. As others have said, it's simply a matter of making working out a priority. If you want to do it, you will find time. If you really don't want to or care, then blaming your job is a very convenient excuse.
  10. I just purchased my own eliptical trainer. Wow, now no excuses about driving 20 minutes to the gym, or snow, blah, blah.

    Working out in the morning before trading makes me so much sharper. I slept better too.
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