How in the world do these young traders plan to make a career

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IQ146, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Take for example this guy called Jay Spirit, his handle is Bulls n Bears.

    He was crying on ET asking for help, and a month later he sets up a service on youTube.
    And he claims to now be a master trader that can teach others. I saw every video he posted, to say that he is dumb would be understatement.

    But that’s not all, this kid isn’t only dumb he is bloody evil. He is conning people into following his strategy, and THERE IS NO STRATEGY

    His trades are by the seat of his pants, sort of like Timmayyyyyyy!!!!!

    How in the world do these kids plan to trade for living.

    How in the world did these kids get such a huge EGO, where does it come from, from what accomplishment does their ego arise from.

    I was accused many times of having a huge ego, but these kids nowadays can swallow me up whole.

    God help us when some of them get power, they’ll but Bush to shame.
  2. Do you want to mine for gold OR sell supplies to the miners? When every student wants to be a trader, you have to be "careful".
  3. What is your problem? The dumber other people trade, the easier it is for you to make money.
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    Th world needs ditch diggers too!

    --Judge Smails
  5. Not so when the government prevents normal adjustments that are part of capitalism!

    To quote Black Swan Capital and Jack today: