How important is a UPS - back up power?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joab, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Joab


    I've just bought my most expensive rig to date and I have never used a UPS because I've never really understood what it does other then supply power in the event of a black out, which I really don't care about too much because I can pick up the phone and call my broker and close anything I need to in 30 seconds.

    Is there any other "real" reason I should get one ?
  2. GTS


    Yes, a good one keeps your power from suffering hiccups like brown-outs and under/over-voltage situations which can really do a number on your PC.

    Having your hard drive lose power while its updating critical data can really mess it up and take a long time to recover from (short of reformat/re-install).

    Its cheap insurance. I have them on all of my PC's (and networking gear, and home theatre gear).

    Even the low-end APC ones that go on sale for $25-$50 are better then nothing.
  3. Bob111


    depends on quality of electricity in your area, but-it never hurts to have one, just like GTS said

  4. Has their working life improved? Seems I read before the battery lasts only a couple of years then the unit needs to be replaced. That right?
  5. GTS


    Yes, that seems to be a funciton of lead-acid battery technology (they only last 2-4 years). Not surprisingly if you keep them in a place that gets warm the battery life is greatly reduced.

    I buy replacement UPS batteries off of ebay - they are much cheaper that way (even with the shipping)
  6. mikat


    Lightning was causing me some problems which the ups seemed to help. My ups has a replaceable battery, but it is nearly the cost of a new ups.
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    APC PowerChute screen shot:
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    Thanks for the feedback.