How important is a degree when trying to raise money?

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  1. I've been trading and running money for about 7 years but I dont have my bachelors degree. I know when you raise money your whole back ground is checked along with your trading record and I fell like no one would trust someone without a bachelors (at least) with there money. I'm currently in school to finish my degree but it actually cuts into my trading research. It sucks doing something strictly for credentials but I feel its necessary. How Important do you think a degree iswhen raising money? I havent raised money yet but plan to in the future.
  2. It's not important at all, other than it builds connections for the future, if done right.
  3. I dont understand? Are you saying investors dont care about your educational background when choosing a manager?
  4. I would imagine if you're trying to raise money from people with college degrees, you'd better have a college degree. Conversely, people who come from a more working class background will probably be more interested in your track record than your formal education level.
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    I'm currently working with a CTA with a phd in math. It adds to the confidence that's needed to make the leap of faith and invest. You should get a college degree. Even better, from a school with a strong alumni association.

    People with educations care that you have one.
  6. If you have a track record of making money, nobody cares about your educational background.
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    When a wealthy investor is making a decision for his money, you might be right. When allocators at family offices and fund of funds or another entity that has to do due diligence for others, and is looking at you and your program, they absolutely care about Everything, including your education.
  8. This is what I always understood..
  9. +1 for reality

    college is not worth the debt.

    (and this is coming from an NU grad)
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    I think part of the answer is why dont you have a degree ? I've got a BS and MBA; and in most circles would qualify as a "wealthy investor". When i come across people who studied for a few years but didnt complete a degree, it automatically leads to an assumption that they done have the discipline or ability to stick through things and fight through adversity.

    So, when i see it in someone looking for my money, i worry that they've achieved a lot when times are good, but probably will panic and run when things are bad - and i need them most. Just one opinion.
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