How I would run the country.

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  1. I was thinking today a random thought about what a good way to run the country would be without taxing its citizens. At first I thought there is no way to have a country without some kind of tax to run things to build roads, education, social services, prisons, ect...but then I really started thinking. What if we had a system where the government gives money to be in partnership with american business owners and gets that percentage of the profits that the business makes.

    So say you want to buy a business for 250k. You have 150k. The government chips in 100k for your business and owns 40% of your business. Every year the government gets 40% of the profits. If the business makes 100k per year in profits, the government gets 40k. Now...just so the little guy cant give himself a 100k salary and say the business broke even, there will be a rule that a business owner can not pay himself a salary and must pay the government first before he writes himself a check. Also to stop him from giving his wife $100k per year to flip burgers, he will only be allowed to pay his employees "market rate" So if the guy down the street is making 8 bucks per hour flipping burgers, thats all he can pay his employee for the same job.

    I would also take control of all banks and lending institutions. There will be no loans given out to businesses. You will only get loans for residential housing. If you need a commerical loan, they wont exist. You have to go in business with the government to buy a commerical property if you dont have the cash to buy it outright.

    I would create a government agency that examines all business plans of Americans which would then decide how much money or percent of the business the government is willing to chip in up to a maximum of 80% the value of the business.

    Now this would still not give the government as much money as it gets today, so I would do what they do in mexico. Make toll roads. That will pay for maintence of the freeways.

    I will also spend very little for education. The government will teach your kids to read, write, and do simple math. Anything above that, YOU as a parent need to either teach it yourself to your kids, or pay a private school to teach your kid additional education.

    I will also do away with all laws that hurt the free market. No min wage laws, no child labor laws, ect. Dont get me wrong. If you keep a child against his will to do labor, you will go to jail for false imprisonment. A kid will be free to work if he wants and free to leave if he wants, just like any adult.

    Ok...lets here any flaws I might have with that scenario as your new dictator :D
  2. Well we already know you would outlaw tipping.

    Cheap bastard.

  3. I would start with the US Constitution. Anything not authorized, I'd keep my nose out.... at least for a while.

    I like Hong Kong's style of government.

    Flat tax. Government provides "essential services"... Police, fire, roads, water, electricity... that sort of thing.
  4. haha! I may be cheap, but i wouldnt do that! :) But I would give a harsh punishment to any waiter/cook that spits in someones food. Maybe a year in prison! (more if they spit in my food) which would be SURE to fill the jails up fast, I suppose :)
  5. I fully support that law.

    I'm terrified to send food back even when it's the waiter's fault that it's wrong. Too afraid they will spit in it or drop pubes on it (an old favorite of my college friends when they worked at Friendly's).