How I Trade AMD & Tech Stocks

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  1. I use higher timeframe analysis and prop calculations to monitor where value buyers are willing to offset momentum sellers. It allowed me to buy Gold recently on 3/23 (still long)

    AMD is a high probabillity buy here although the broader market context is breaking down.

    I'm long, but I've reduced size below normal levels and loosened up the stop due to the 4/12 earnings release and the possibility of a adverse 10-15% quick move.

    Here's my AMD chart with my bid line

    And you can download my daily notes in the attached PDF
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    Hello NoiseTrader

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    I looked at some of your links. From what I was able to glean from your methodology before my eyes started to glaze over, shouldn't your moniker be the ANTI-Noise Trader? IMHO, you are a little too heavy on the jargon for my tastes.
  4. You're right -- more correctly its Anti-Noisetrader...

    My main concern is doing more of what works in the market and doing less of what does not work.

    What I do works -- and I eat my own cooking...I do it in real-time and I post my trades in live markets in a Yahoo conference.

    You can download the Excel files with the trades I''ve been posting (and trading).

    Come trade with me for a while and see for yourself...I'll gladly send you or anyone interested my daily trading plan. Just go to my weblog at: And select the "BUY LIST" icon.
  5. AMD today was a good example where a trade imploded, and how getting more aggresive about profit-taking becomes important in a well-offered market that is becoming increasingly selective...

    I had trade location long from 34.10 (4/10) and yesterday, (4/12) but took aggressive profits (one at 35.26 and the second at 35.49) due to the imminent release of earnings.

    This morning I got stopped out of core long at 31.97 for an average liquidation price of 34.24 for a .4% profit.

    Be glad to share my daily list of actions taken in stocks (and commodities) and my pre-opening trading plan, send me a PM or go to my blog:

    Use the "Send me your BUY LIST" button, right-hand column at:
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