How I make consistent money trading

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  1. I have 12 commandments or rules that I follow and never break. The rare times I'm on 'tilt' that I do break them, I have a losing day. Follow these rules and after a few months you'll rarely have a losing day if you stay disciplined.

    Lets have a good discussion on what else some of you guys are doing. These stay printed on my wall at all times.

    The Trading Rules:

    #0 Write down econ reports in the morning. Stay out near these times!


    #2 Don't go against the 89 tick for entry ever!

    #3 Use blue/red heikin ashi for pin point entry

    #4 Don't fight 3min stochastic unless your in a strong trend day (adds +/- 2000)

    #5 Always have your stop in mind. If trigger stop is over 50 then be cautious

    #6 Trade in the direction of the major 60min/15min trend (if its not a chop day)
    If CHOP day atleast take 89tick entry in direction of adds/filters/drift

    #7 Do a quick scan of ATR, Volume and ticks before entry
    Look for reasons NOT to trade. Not reasons to trade!

    #8 Have pit noise on at all times. Expect chop when its low

    #9 Be aware of pivots, bid/ask volume(look for divergence),block tape and nearby s&r areas

    #10 Be aware of the ES charts and it's important areas

    #11 Be aware of the 15 minute moving averages which we use as dynamic support and resistance

    Remember 2-3 Trades a day is plenty to make a good living!!

    aka Cajun Sniper
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  3. Nooooo. It was a joke. I don't follow my rules at all! I gamble! :)

  4. Let me get this straight, Mr. Cajun Sniper (derisive laughter withheld):

    You look at:

    15 minute moving average
    3 minute stochastic
    Whether or not it's a "chop day" (as if you'd really know this ahead of time)

    Sounds infallible. ::Bursts out with derisive laughter::

    No wonder everyone says your $200 / month room SUCKS!

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    I did not mention anything about gambling or not following rules.

    You have rules that make money - well good for you then.
  6. Dear Jeff,

    I have four commandments which shame you & your affiliates so deeply, so irreparably & so peremptorily that your only recourse is to jump off the roof of the nearest building:

    #1: Buy @ Support

    #2: Sell @ Resistance

    #3: Use a protective stop

    #4: Don't pay SCAMMERS money even if they turn on their thick "cajun" charm.

    :D :D :D :D

    Good luck chasing noise!

  7. You do not even trade.
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    Commandement #1, be market neutral.
  9. eagle


    Rules, rules and rules. All the soldiers were highly trained to fire toward the target. But during the combat some are pointing their gun up and fire to the sky while their head stick to the ground and don't even know what is happening since they didn't dare to look forward.

  10. You could be right...or you could be wrong. Hmmm

    Let make a $5,000 wager or even $15,000. You can easily contact my broker. Shoot me a private message. I'm willing to take your money too.
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