How I Make A living Trading The QQQ's, (e-mini's) by Don Miller

Discussion in 'Trading' started by burton12036, May 9, 2004.

  1. I purchased Don Miller's course over a year ago and have no need for it anymore...if anyone is interested please email me...I paid $1600 for the tapes, online course and manual (the manual is clean). I'm willing to sell his entire course for $600.
  2. didnt work huh? if something had work for me, i usually keep it.



    If "it" worked, nobody would sell "it" to the public.

    It amazes me that people spend thousands on a "course" to learn how to trade.
  4. nkhoi


    I have money tree course from Larry W. want to trade?
  5. benysl



    I wouldn't mind paying $600 for it. But how do we complete a transaction for this kind of deal? The buyer is usually more concern what happen if after I send the money and you didn't shipped me the products?

    Fellow forumers,
    any advice on how can we have a smooth transaction. I mean what is the best way to complete the transaction?
  6. gnome


    Ship COD?

  7. So you have a success story to share not from a "course"?