How I made 500 PIP

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Teres, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Teres


    Hallo, evrybody!!!

    I´m not new here, im with you long time....

    Last month I make such money( but only in mini account- so not to much).
    I want you check this : Its my new website.

    Let me know , what do you think

  2. virgin


    Hi Teres,

    Keep it up !

    Are you already trading a long time ?
  3. Teres



    yes, I make 2 years on demo, and + 6 months of mini account real.

    My strategy is:
    look on hourly, daily and weekly graphs. RSI Stochastic and MACD. I have in my paper how especialy MACD need looks like, and I immediately open position. I have 50 PIP limit and 50 PIP stop loss. Every day at 5:05 pm.

    Last month was special good.

    Sometimes I think about 40 PIp limit and 50 stop. Than I have had suma +350 PIP last month and now +90 PIP in this month.

    Maybe I change ...50/50 to 40/50, I will see at the end this month.

    I have also weekly startegy, but without stop loss. This is risk, so I make it only in demo. This I open on mondayat 5:05 pm.

    Pleas let me know what do you think about my strategy.

  4. wpfund


    Good job. What's your average number of open contracts?
  5. Your profit/loss ratio is reversed? You should always have your profit limit at least twice your stop loss. You may get lucky ona strong trending month like last month but you'll eventually get killed. Just what I have experienced.
  6. Easy

    I played against Coinz and i made 500 pips too... on the wrong side!
  7. Teres


    Today + 50 PIP:)
  8. I assume this is 5.05 pm EST? (New York)

    I find the biggest moves are between 8am and 9am EST.
  9. Teres


    so, I live in Czech Republic, we have 23:05 evening (11pm)= 5:05 pm in USA-NY
    Today my position close at 3:12 in Czech, so that means - 6 hours time in NY.
  10. pioser


    good work. I scalped currencies without much luck for nearly a year. Given the experience, I think mechanical systems is the way to go. I have one too
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