How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market

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    Those who know do not tell;
    Those who tell do not know.

    formulate an approach -> test it -> collect and analyze data -> draw conclusions

    repeat the process until you stumble onto a system that shows favorable results.
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    He could made 2mil but he could have lost 10mil doing it.
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  3. People who know tell all the time, that 99.9% of beginners never listen is the bizarre thing.

    I'm in a small Skype group with about 8 traders. Three of us make serious money doing some very simple scalping. One is sort of ok, we could all make money before we created the league against occasional boredom in the morning.

    The others? They can see the PnL, the know it is live money and they see the exact moves..

    Always coming up with new things from books or videos instead of just doing something simple, very well.

    Many books I am sure are full of good knowledge, most beginners can just wreck anything*. Burn down the house making pancakes. :)

    *I recon trading itself attracts a disproportionate number of Dunning-Kruger effect sufferers.
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    Those who know do not tell simply because talking at someone does not result in a change of behavior.
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  5. But people who know DO tell.

    If beginners feel that are being talked at, down to or just don't listen.. they will make up excuses for their failures.
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  6. Generally speaking, and theoretically absolutely can accomplish that $2,000,000 goal.

    Actually accomplishing that though in the real-world, definitely...not, nowhere as easy.

    I could write a book right now, today: How I turned a paper $10,000 trading account...into 2 Million over the course of Six Months. o_O, :cool:
    By trading and growing and compounding an Option on the broad market SPY/SPX.
    The book will be a National Best Seller...and Lawrence Lugar will be a household name. ..and I will finally lose my virginity, and buy a Ferrari, and move out of my parent's house.
    No more eating PowerBars and milk for lunch, but a steak from a restaurant.

    (In case you were wondering...that paper trading story is true, by the way)
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    people who think they know do tell and in the process do more harm than good.

    one of the most famous rules ‘cut your losses short’ has been told by people who thought they knew for decades. the result: high body count of plungers who jumped into the game emboldened by that sage advice.

    try telling or showing someone, who doesn’t know how to swim, your technique or style of swimming and then ask them to swim. it won’t work.
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    SHE SAID ONE BOOK OR MORE? LOL,k:linda bradford raschke
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