How I foresee the future, I let it come to me

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 22, 2008.

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    tis time for tea and crumpets lads and blokes

    we must start from beginning, you see the only constant in the entire universe is change.

    we do not know what will happen

    but guess what, WE KNOW THINGS will happen, for example, I was driving down one street which I know well, and I could never imagine that one day on that same street, I would encounter life impacting event

    so this got me thinking, something BIG will happen, you just don't know where and when

    this ultimately gives us knowledge of the future. Its like me saying, you will later not be who you are now.

    well no you won't, I am guranteeing you this

    so all you need to do, is let future happen to you and you need to remember how you KNEW this was coming

    the end result is clear thinking that can really help you in problem solving, like with tradin for ex
  2. cold


    well it also helps to belong to an influential sect that ruled by proxy since the time of christ

    but over all, you got the jist of it
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    The more things change........the more they stay the same.
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    look Bighog, you can't just come into my thread and post whatever, please send me a PM first, let me look it over, think about it and I may decide to let you post

    I mean come on man, little civility please, little respect please, I am not some guy you can just ignore,

    I am not your RUG sir, damn it, you listen to me, I will get you for this, YES sir, I will get you

    so help me god :mad:

  5. high99


  6. cold


    high 99,

    there is some truth in what you say, but you don't really understand cause your head is full of dogma

    issue of Causality and free will is something I figured out already

    you just don't have capacity for such advanced thinking

    so you defer to the good book
  7. Perhaps your weakness will be your destiny. Spitzers strengths were what enabled him to meet his goal to be governor yet... what does us in???
  8. cold


    yes I agree with you, despite me being superior I am still a human being,

    porn, coke, hookers, racketeering, money laundering, organ trafficking, conspiracy to do 5 billion people in...... etc etc

    as you can see I have my flaws :D
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    cold, r u a fucking nut job? What the hell kind of post is this? Or you got off early from McDonald's today and while riding your bike back to your studio you had a thought? hmmmmmm....Let me go post some bullcrap on ET to see what happens.
  10. true, the thead about how to beat up your sister was much better.
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