How I find something on the slowest days Part IV...

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  1. How ideas are created on slow days. Part IV.

    1) I cycle through my messy stocks to watch list. I do this on napkins, printing paper and notebooks.

    2) I check in on prices as they relate to where I have been tracking them. I look for relative strength and or outperform would rather buy on the way up than the way down but with a higher high to aim for.

    3) Stks come from many areas of research. On the earnings side, on the insider trading side and on the opportunistic side.

    When stocks are slow I will try to find one of my ideas that fits all 3 of the above requirements. RS, Earnings & opportunistic.

    TODAY's PLAY: CERUS. This is a blood filtering company.


    Cerus Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes novel, proprietary products in the fields of blood safety and immunotherapy to provide safer, more effective medical options to patients in areas of substantial unmet medical needs. In the field of blood safety, the company is developing and commercializing the INTERCEPT Blood System, which is based on the company's proprietary Helinx technology and is designed to enhance the safety of donated blood components by inactivating viruses, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens, as well as potentially harmful white blood cells. In the field of immunotherapy, the company is employing its proprietary attenuated Listeria vaccine platform to develop a series of novel therapies to treat cancer, and it is applying its proprietary Killed But Metabolically Active technology platform in research and development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for infectious diseases.

    >> Sounds good doesn't it. 4th qtr they turned profitable! Revenue more than doubled. That's the earnings side. I've been tracking the stock between $5.40 and $6.40 it's towards the top of that range despite last weeks sell off- that's the RS aspect...
    And finally we had two serious buyers in there just last month scooping @ $5.42. (CFO bought $162,000 worth! on Feb 28). Ok now for the timeliness aspect tomorrow at 1:30 eastern or so these guys present at THE COWEN & COMPANY 27TH ANNUAL HEALTHCARE CONFERENCE.

    Cerus Corporation (NASDAQ:CERS) announced today that Company management will present at the Cowen & Company 27th Annual Healthcare Conference. Cerus' presentation will begin at 1:45 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, March 13, 2007.

    >> Ok we have the earnings, the technology, the insider buying, the good RS and a story to be told tomorrow. Could late day buying show up tomorrow?or on Wed are New Coverage initiations possible?... It all adds up to how you can make an investment decision in a stagnant market.

    Going $1 over the insider's buy price I have left a limit order in for 2000 shares @ $6.42 if I'm filled today great, if it does not get filled close to the end of the day, I'll either adjust and grab it if there's a spurt of volume- or hope for a slight pullback early tomorrow and get on board then.

    This is how you cycle research and come up with ideas that no one else has. ~ stoney
  2. ==============
    Do the same,personaly, with derivatives,ETFs;
    also use business size envelopes[recycle them, no matter where stock/derivative cycle is.]

    And do some but for sure , not always;
    sell on the way down.

    Sell to open, also buy to open a position;
    sell to close.Long term uptrend is very extended, short term uptrend is extended, may extend more.

    Looks like probably test of 50 day moving average, most [50dma]are Bearish.And have been downtrending.

    murray TT:cool:
  3. Well folks less than a week later and I'm out. Why?
    The return is 6%. I know it's going to go higher but 2 + of that % is today. So I'm happy, when the market was showing no love I used my noodle and on the slowest day found a place to park a couple hundred grand until I could figure out a plan. I guess I just don't like banks!