How I earn a living trading the QQQs

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  1. what is KwikPop, never heard of it?

    The interactive Cd I used was obtained from a friend (If I actually paid $$, I would have been REAL pissed) and myabe was a bit dated...

    Perhaps he has fine tuned it a bit, which he should... The biggest problem was dealing with gaps b/c the MA's are SOOO strecthed and the stock is ALREADY trading along teh bollinger band, you cant get into a LOW RISK trade..) SO you sit on the sidelines, and you end up missing the move....

    anyway, good luck to all if ti works for you..
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  2. JohnK



    I'm not selling it, just a user.

    There have been a couple of evaluations on ET - search and ye shall find... :)
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