How I earn a living trading the QQQs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderob, Jan 31, 2004.

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    Does this mean you are looking for it or that you have one you want to sell?
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    Hi John,
    Sorry, it means I have one.
    Mind you if you have any other courses from Tradingmarkets or elsewhere let me know - maybe we can swap.:)
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    what did you think of the course?
  5. I dont know how tradingmarkets is set up now but you can get a pretty good idea of this guys methods by reading archived articles. Its nothing special, imo. Moving average crossovers and an oscillator if memory serves me correct.
  6. In the link it's Video version, But do you have CDs version
    for same also? Does miler update changes to his method
    or it's the same old system has been around selling for
    several years?

    I have lot of trading systems from trading markets too,
    but i belive non of them can be applied alone, but can
    be put as pieaces of puzzle togather to work out somthing
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    My apologies to those who don't want us to talk about trading products here, but I have both his CD and his video and I found them excellent. I've even gone to one of his mini-seminars and liked it very much. Not the HG by a long shot, but a very good addition to my trading arsenal. Not to mention the fact that, imo, Don is a very good trader, an excellent speaker and a nice guy. Not everything for sale out there is dog s... So, there! :)
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    Thanks for all the input guys:)
    To all the people who pm-ed me. I'll write to you off list and try to figure out who gets it.
  9. I trade his e-minis course and dropped $$$$ like a bad habit. It is basically a crossover system with a momentum oscillator for confirmation...

    I found it works great in trending markets (which rarely happend when I was trading it, or I would use too tight of a stop and get stopped out..
    Also, it doesnt take into how to trade the open, and THIS is when most of the trending days started.. But if you were to use his signals you would have missed the trade or have had to use a huge STOP loss...

    In short, it didnt work for me, in this world it seems very simplistic...

    you spend the majority of your day getting chopped up...
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    I sympathize with what you are saying, and cannot really claim that all my trades were successful, but Don actually devotes a part of the training to explaining how one can use multiple timeframes (e.g., his 3 and 13 min charts, etc) to be able to distinguish good opportunities from bad ones.

    In my experience, using other techniques to tell what's happening with the trend, like analyzing the pivot structure of the market in real time or plotting additional indicators (like the D+ and D-) also helps.

    Btw, if you are drawn to this type of (estimate the trend and enter at a crossover) trading but think that Don's method doesn't quite make the grade, take a look at KwikPop. Again, not the HG, but the proprietary indicators used there have a lot more juice than just plain MAs. Just a thought.
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