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Discussion in 'Journals' started by egotraitor, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. This evening I will start an exciting journal for all ET members!
    You will see step by step how egotraitor trades ES. Forget what you think you know, I will cover it all! Get ready to rock!!!
  2. ddefina


    Welcome back! We look forward to your wisdom...:D :D By the way, I'm short the ES overnight, should I cover now or let it ride? :)
  3. uh-oh.
  4. what's up Pussycat??
  5. Publias

    Publias Guest

    hahahahaha will you be netting 3,758 pts a day also????
  6. Be still guys.
    The truth of egotraitor will set you free!
  7. Sharp



    Super is that you?
  8. chisel


    Sounds like SuperEgo to me...:D
  9. Who I was less important than what I willl become.

  10. listen up kids, want to be more like mr. ego?

    start your trading day off right- with a tall glass of OJ and a big bowl of Nietsche Pops (tm)
    #10     Aug 27, 2002