How I Diagnosed and Cured A Trading Disease!

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  1. I have a Feb 60 call on CELG, and the stock is at $59.70 and I am up 220%...
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  2. Break-evens, risk-rewards, probability, profit/loss analysis and graphical representations of various options strategies are at a click of a mouse in real time data on your trading screen.

    At least use the best options software out there. Who has the time to calculate theta, Vega, gamma and deltas all day long.

    We spent time in making strategies and the soft wares to show how those strategies will pan out under various time frames and volatility levels.
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  3. Cutten


    The original poster was talking about breakevens at expiration:

    "If you were to determine the breakeven for buying the above call and holding until expiration, what would the breakeven be?"
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  4. This post is lame.

    If the guy can't solve an equation for ZERO he needs to be in a different business.

    In fact, screw break even. What the hell do you want to know break even for?

    "You never count your money, when you're sittin at the table......"

    .....hopefully someone understands where im going with this.
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  5. Your right man. Since I didn't understand time value correctly, I should definitely quit trading for the rest of my life.

    Good call.
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