How I can start Forex Trading?

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  1. I want to know a platform where I can start trading.
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    Another one.... :rolleyes:

    Type "forex broker" in Google and click.
    There you'll find "friends" who'll be happy to let you start trading...
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    Something tells me Baron made a google keyword ad buy for the words forex and newbie!!!!! :D

    So they might be on a forever loop and we are stuck with them till ad buy expires. o_O
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  4. Learn the basics of forex first and then search for a broker and choose one but open a demo account with them and start trading with demo and after some months you can start real trading.
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    I read too fast.
    I read it as
    How I can stop Forex Trading?

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  6. you can start with psychology of school which always contains exact basic knowledge and experience, can trade also a demo account.
  7. Start with the Babypips school. Learn the basics and demo trade for a good amount of time after that. If and when you decide to go live, start with a capital that you can afford to lose, since forex market is a very risky market.
  8. Some traders may be become addicted because already knows forex trading, although get loss but still curious about how to make money here, change a new strategy, using any kinds of indicator, etc, if still a newbie, practice in a demo account for few years.
  9. Practice on demo account, backtest your strategies and when you are sure of your trading skills, go for live trading.
  10. you can start at any time, the main thing is that there is a proper desire and opportunities
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