How I Can Reach The Top...

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  1. If you keep making small steady steps, you will eventually reach the top...
  2. Not if your on a treadmill.
  3. Wallet


    Define top?
  4. Thats the part where if you reach it, and keep going , you will fall off.
    Seriously though, consistency in an approach is one of those holy grail things,if theres any ideas on how to be consistent , where the overall approach is undefinable that would be good.(talking discretionary)

  5. Ask not how to reach the top................
    ..............but how to leave the bottom
  6. How I Can Reach The Top...

    Don't worry, it is only a Computer-Game.

    Just collect the tokens on your way to the 'top'.

    The top is immortality.

    The 'final' token will allow you to treat the Market as a World-Bank where you have an Unlimited Account.

    Each trading session is a cheque filling fun.
    Some days you make mistakes in filling it properly.
    No problem,
    just fill another one.
  7. LOL. How appropriate.
  8. How I Can Reach The Top...?
    by never asking dumb questions in a Psychology forum.
  9. nononsense

    Don't be a killjoy!

    You should learn to pat their shoulders, hold their hands, dry their tears,...
    Their trading life can be short lived; let them enjoy their fantasy.
    Who knows, they may be able to get out of the hole.

  10. cooldude,

    Sorry to read that you didn't get my message!
    I only give extremely positive and useful advice.

    If you ever aspire to be minimally succesfull as a trader, know that hand holding, patting shoulders and tear drying ain't going to help a bit. That's perhaps psychology stuff. PSYCHOLOGY has NOTHING to do with making money in markets. Only poor dudes believe differently.
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